Australian print jacket acetate LTD multi colour


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This Australian print jacket acetate LTD multi colour is of a high quality.
The fabric from which this jacket is made is acetate (66% polyamide and 34% polyester), but these fabrics are originally from the 90’s and 00’s.
The artikle number of this product is 16.SPUGC0003-27751. This jacket consists of multi colour and has the Australian logo in gold on the left chest.
The jacket has a total of 2 pockets with a handy zipper, this ensures that you can better store your belongings.
The zipper of this jacket continues up to the neck. At the wrists and on the hips, the jacket is tightly fitted by means of a high-quality elastic.
This print jacket acetate LTD is made for every gender. The fit of this jacket is “old school”, which means that the sleeves are a lot wider under the armpits.

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Australian is a clothing brand that is intended for tennis, but this sports brand also became popular outside of this sport in the 1990s.
In the early 90s, gabbers started wearing Australians.
The reason for that was that it was loose in the heels, was sweat-absorbent and looked nice
When the hardcore scene declined around 1998, the aussies almost disappeared from the gabber scene as well.
Today’s gabbers are increasingly wearing the aussies in public, but at hardcore parties the aussies are even more prominent.
In addition to clothing, Australian also makes shoes.

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