100% Hardcore Cap Millenium Dog


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100% Hardcore Cap Millenium Dog is een ware eye-catchter op elk festival.
Deze volwassen maat cap is in het zwart met witte boduring.
Borduringen zitten op de zij-en achterkant.
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About 100% Hardcore
100% hardcore items are carefully selected and produced.
The 100% Hardcore veste, jackets, T-shirts and caps are provided with the necessary prints via special themes.
The products are often worn at Gabber parties and festivals.
The pants and jackets can be perfectly combined. The colors and materials are coordinated.

Winter jackets and summer jackets are also part of the hardcore clothing collection.
These usually have an extra inner pocket to take your stuff to a party.
The slogan “WEAR IT WITH PRIDE” has been around since 1993.
There are clothing items available for both men and women.